About VINC

VINCA CALLISTA is a professional & highly experienced creator; novelist, screenwriter, and story designer.

Born in Bandung, Indonesia, this young lady with the nick name “Vinc” has been writing novels since she was only 13. Her first novel was published nationally in 2007, and she doesn’t stop creating fiction artworks until now. Vinc has published 12 books, 4 short stories for national magazines, and she has written also produced 8 short movies. On the international Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2015, Vinca Callista was selected to be the honorable Emerging Writer. Vinc is also a member of Satupena, the official organization of Indonesian writers that is formed within BEKRAF (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif / Indonesia Agency for Creative Economy) with other professional authors, such as Sekar Ayu Asmara, Alberthiene Endah, and Dewi Lestari.

Vinca Callista’s published novels (2018 – 2007):

15. “SCANDALICIOUS SIBLINGS: Episode 3” (romance, family drama, published soon).
14. “SCANDALICIOUS SIBLINGS: Episode 2” (romance, family drama, published soon).
13. “Killing Smart Daughers” (domestic noir / psychothrillerpublished soon).
12. “SCANDALICIOUS SIBLINGS: Episode 1” (romancefamily drama, Falcon Pictures Publishing, 2018).
11. “Buku Para Mantan” (“The Book of Exes”, romance, now available exclusively on Storial.Co, 2018)
10. “Daddy’s Little Girl” (a modern tragedy / psychothriller, Google Books, 2017)
09. “TRAVEL-MATES: 7 Negara, 1 Cinta” (“7 Countries, 1 Love”, romance, Bookslife.co, 2017)
08. “BRISTOL” (romance, Grasindo, 2016)
07. “Kilah” (“The Deception”, psychothriller, Grasindo, 2015)
06. “Nyawa” (“The Soul”, psychothriller, Bentang Pustaka, 2015)
05. “SERUAK” (psychothriller, Grasindo, 2014).
04. “Dunsa” (fantasy, Atria, 2011)
03. “Lima Mata Manusia” (“The Five Human Eyes”, romance, 2011)
02. “Semburat Senyum Sore” (“Smiles of the Dusk”, romance, now in Grasindo, 2011)
01. “Sang Panglima Laskar Onyx” (“The Commander of Onyx Troop”, fantasy, GagasMedia, 2007)

Vinc has also been experienced in broadcasting & public speaking.

She had worked as a radio announcer & reporter at 99ERS Radio 100 FM Bandung for 6 years (2008 – 2014) and a presenter for music shows at KompasTV. Vinc was living in England along her study in MA Cultural and Creative Industries at King’s College London, UK.

Alongside her brilliant achievement in fiction artworks, broadcasting, & public speaking, Vinc has successfully accomplished her higher education:

 D3 Broadcast – Faculty of Communication Science (FIKOM), University of Padjadjaran
 S1 Communication Management – FIKOM, University of Padjadjaran
 S2 / MA Cultural and Creative Industries – King’s College London, UK


Vinca Callista’s short movies (2011 – 2017):

1. Langit di Balik Kaca (drama, 2011. Screenwriter & actress)
2. PR[U]ECIOUS (psychothriller, 2012. Screenwriter & actress)
3. Canting Batik Cantik (psychothriller, 2012. Screenwriter)
4. Person to Person (drama, 2012. Screenwriter & actress)
5. Mendung Langit (drama, prequel to 2nd novel Semburat Senyum Sore, 2013. Screenwriter & actress)
6. Imaginary Girlfriend (psychodrama, also the music video to MOCCA’s song, 2014. Screenwriter & actress)
7. HERO the series (drama-fantasi, King’s College London TV, 2015. Actress)
8. New Girl in the Room (psychothriller, Vinc Fiction London, 2016. Screenwriter & actress)




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